Fishing at Pigeon Lake Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2021-07-04

Pigeon Lake

In my opinion, Pigeon Lake is “hands down”, the best place to go fishing for walleye in Central Alberta! Now, I know that’s a bold statement to make but once you’ve spent some time out on the lake you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. This is a serious walleye fishery that has a lot to boast about and is definitely worth checking out.

It’s a bit of a drive for me, but I usually try to make it out to Pigeon Lake at least a few times a year because it’s such a great place to fish for walleye. What I like most about this place is that for such a big lake, it’s actually pretty easy to land some decent-sized walleye without having to look too far. I’m definitely not an expert on fishing this lake, so don’t interpret this article as such, but I’ve managed to come across some good hotspots that I’d like to share with anyone new to fishing Pigeon Lake, but first let’s look at some general information.

About Pigeon Lake.

This is a big lake (for Alberta), that has a lot of water to cover. Although it’s one of the bigger lakes in Alberta, it’s somewhat shallow, with an average depth of around 22’ (according to my sonar), and gets a little deeper out towards the middle of the lake, but not much. I’d say around 30’ is pretty deep for Pigeon Lake.

This obviously depends on where you launch your boat but I’d say that typically this lake starts shallow, and slowly gets deeper as you move further away from shore. Once you’re far enough you should eventually come to a big drop that’s approximately 30 feet, at which point the depth of the lake should remain fairly consistent until you head back to shore.

Pigeon Lake

How to get to Pigeon Lake Provincial Park.

The simplest way to get to the provincial park from the QE2 is to head west on the number 13 and keep going until you get to the 771, turn right then follow the 771 to Township Rd 470 and turn right. Township Rd 470 will take you to the entrance of Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, which will be on your left-hand side.

What amenities does Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have?

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park has several amenities including washroom facilities, a campground, hiking trails, a day-use area, firewood (for sale), and shower facilities. There's also a lot of trees and wildlife in the provincial park, which in my opinion makes it more enjoyable.

Pigeon Lake

Does Pigeon Lake Provincial park have a boat launch?

Yes, there's a concrete boat launch and floating dock that’s open for public use. The road leading up to the launch ramp is gravelled and well maintained, and the ramp is in good condition, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting your boat into or out of the water.

Pigeon Lake Pigeon Lake

What are the fishing regulations for Pigeon Lake?

Pigeon Lake is listed in the Alberta Fishing Regulations under PP2. Below I’ve included a link to the regulations so you can check them out.

Alberta Fishing Regulations PP2

Pigeon Lake

What type of fish are in Pigeon Lake?

What fishing lures work well for walleye at Pigeon Lake?

A simple yet highly effective setup for catching walleye at Pigeon Lake is to rig a frozen minnow (shiner) onto a jig, then simply “flick it” about a foot off the bottom. I like to use small shiners (out of convenience), mostly because they come in a nice little tub that fits in my tackle box and lasts for about a day of fishing.

Lures that have fish patterns also work really well. My favourite being this cheap spinner I picked up at the dollar store. It’s basically just a standard spinner that has three plastic shiners strung out on a treble hook

Some good lures for Pigeon Lake:

Ball Jigs

Minnow Spinner

School of fish lure

The best area to fish from shore at Pigeon Lake.

The canal on the west side of the lake is a fishing hotspot that’s not only accessible by foot but also convenient because it’s just off the highway, which makes it a great spot if you want a quick and easy place to do some shore fishing.

The only downside to fishing the canal is that it gets busy (especially during the weekend), so go early if you want a good spot!

Pigeon Lake

Map source:Googlemaps.

My favourite spot for catching walleye.

If you’re launching your boat from the provincial park then you won’t have to go very far to reach one of my favourite spots for catching walleye. Just head over to the beach that’s northwest of the boat launch and look for a drop that’s around 25 feet deep. I’ve had good luck catching walleye all around this area while focusing on the places that have a sudden decline in depth.

Pigeon Lake

Map source:Googlemaps.

Fishing in the 25’ depth range.

In general, I’ve had good luck catching walleye in water that’s approximately 25 feet in depth while staying as close to shore as possible, which can take you surprisingly far out since parts of this lake are shallow and don't get deep until you're way out there.

The deepest part of Pigeon Lake (that I've found).

I'd say that the deepest part of the lake is right in the middle, which is approximately 33 feet in depth (according to my fishfinder). I don't usually go out that far though because I've had better luck staying closer to shore, but who knows, it's probably still worth checking out.

Pigeon Lake

Map source:Googlemaps.

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