Fishing Morinville Heritage Lake Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2021-05-24

Morinville Heritage Lake Alberta

This weekend I had the chance to do a little fishing at the Morinville Heritage Lake, which is a small pond located just off the highway in Morinville, Alberta.

This is a nice place that’s extremely family-friendly and a good place to spend the day fishing or just relaxing by the water's edge. You’ll find the park is well maintained and extremely inviting, so If you’re in the Morinville area I highly recommend checking this place out!

picture of morinville heritage lake

How to get to the day-use area.

The simplest way to get to the day-use area is by taking the number 2 highway to Morinville then head west on the 642. Turn left on Range Rd 254, then drive past the campground and take a left into the park once you see the sign. There’s a parking lot at the end of the road by the outhouse and boat launch area.

Does Morinville Heritage Lake have any amenities?

There are multiple picnic tables and benches throughout the day-use area as well as an outhouse and garbage containers. There are also a few horseshoe pits if you’re into playing horseshoes.

picture of morinville heritage lake

Is there a boat launch?

Yes. There’s a small concrete boat launch located at the end of the day-use area.

picture of morinville heritage lake

No motors allowed!

Motors are not allowed at this lake so if you’re planning on bringing your boat make sure you bring some paddles!

picture of morinville heritage lake

What type of fish is in Morinville Lake?

The lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout.

What fishing lures worked for me.

I saw a few people fishing with corn so I’m sure it must work but I didn’t have any so I stuck with mostly small spinners and spoons. I had the best luck fishing with a small Williams Wabler gold spoon while reeling it in at a slow-medium speed.

Williams Trout Spoon (gold)

Morinville Heritage Lake fishing regulations.

Morinville Heritage Lake is under PP2 in the Alberta Fishing Regulations. Always check the regulations before heading out, I’ve included a link to PP2 so you can check them out.

PP2 Alberta Fishing Regulations