Fishing at Dalemead Lake Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2021-07-25


Dalemead Lake, or Langdon Reservoir (as some people call it), is a small reservoir just off the 22x, about fifteen minutes from Calgary. Although it’s not the biggest or best lake, it’s worth checking out because it’s full of pike and kind of a neat place to fish.

It took me a while to start fishing here. At first glance, it seemed like a big slough that had been fenced-off. I actually just thought it was fenced-off by a farmer and was probably dead until one morning I saw people ice fishing out on the lake, so eventually, I decided to put aside a day to try this place out. I honestly didn't have any expectations, but to my surprise, I ended up catching quite a few fish and had a great day fishing.

As I said, this lake is fenced off, but if you walk along the perimeter, you’ll see a few man openings that are pretty much just big enough to squeeze through with your gear, so if you're planning on bringing a boat, remember you're going to have to either lift it over or under the fence.

General description of Dalemead Lake

Dalemead Lake is a small, wide-open reservoir that's part of the Western Irrigation District (irrigation canal) and is directly downstream of Chestermere Lake. Although it’s a small reservoir that's more of a slough than a lake, it’s surprisingly deep and has lots of good areas for pike to hide.

Access to Dalemead Lake.

There are three ways to access the lake (that I know of):

The north entrance is at the end of Range Rd 270. This area of the lake is shallower but usually not as busy. To get there, turn north onto Range Rd 270 from the 22X, turn left at Township Rd 230, right at Range Rd 265, left at Township Rd 232, left at Range Rd 270.

The dam entrance is beside the bridge on Range Rd 270. This area of the lake is better for shore fishing. To get there, turn north onto Range Rd 270 from the 22X, keep going until you come to the small bridge that goes over the canal. You can park beside the bridge and walk along the canal to the dam. It's about a 15min walk, so don't bring your boat to this entrance unless you are looking for a good workout.

The main entrance this is the best entrance if you're ice fishing or bringing a boat because it's close to the lake and easy to carry stuff under/over the fence. The main entrance is on the southeast side of the lake and is accessible from the 22X.


Are there any amenities at Dalemead Lake

There are no amenities or washrooms at Dalemead Lake.

Is there a boat launch at Dalemead Lake?

No, the only way to get your boat to the lake is to carry it.

What type of fish are in Dalemead Lake?

I’ve only ever caught pike, but this place is downstream from Chestermere Lake, so who knows what could make its way down the irrigation canal.

What are the fishing regulations for Dalemead Lake?

Dalemead lake falls under PP1 in the Alberta Fishing Regulations. I've included a link to PP1 so you can check out the fishing regulations before heading out.

Alberta Fishing Regulations PP1

Fishing by the dam

If you don’t have a boat, then the dam on the southwest side of the reservoir is a good starting point. Fishing’s usually pretty good as you get closer to the spillway, but be careful not to get too close because the spillway is dangerous.

dalemeadlake map source: Google Maps

Fishing along the S.W. Shore

I like this spot because there’s a channel (sort of) that follows the shoreline for a short distance. It’s actually just a deep spot between the shore and a large shallow area, but I’ve caught fish here on multiple occasions, so it must be a good spot.

dalemeadlake map source: Google Maps

The irrigation canal

The irrigation canal on the west side of the lake is another good spot to try fishing. I usually focus on the mouth of the irrigation canal and a short distance inside of it.

dalemeadlake map source: Google Maps

Fishing is usually better on the south-side

In general, I’d say that fishing is better on the south side of the lake. This part of the lake is the deepest, and there are lots of hidden islands and thick weed beds.

Good fishing lures for Dalemead Lake

I’ve had the best luck with either a five of diamonds or a yellow skirted jig.

Skirted Jig

Five of diamonds

Summary of fishing Dalemead Lake