Fishing Clear Lake Southern Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2021-01-25

picture of Clear Lake Alberta

Clear Lake is a family-friendly place to go fishing. It has good amenities and a fishing hot-spot, making it an action-packed fishery that's perfect for the whole family. It's not all that big, but it has a beautiful camping area, a playground for the kids and a floating dock. The bathrooms are also exceptional for a recreation area, so you shouldn't get too much grief from the girlfriend or wife. Plus, as a bonus, you can always ditch the wife and kids off at the playground and go fishing!

For the most part, Clear Lake is shallow, flat featured, and full of weeds. It's pretty much what you would expect to see from a lake in Southern Alberta. I started going to Clear Lake a few years back after hearing about it from my friend that does a lot of ice fishing. I remember being impressed with the ice fishing pictures, so I decided to give Clear Lake a "shot" and have been going back ever since. Clear Lake isn't the most desirable place to go fishing because it has more in common with a slough than a lake. However, I always have a good time because I get a lot of action from the pike, and it's not as busy as the other lakes.

Clear Lake directions.

To get to Clear Lake, take the QE2 to Township Road 140. Head east on Township Road 140 until you get to Clear Lake. It's about a 15min drive from Stavely and easy to find. There are also numerous parking spots beside the resort area and plenty of room to move around.

What amenities does Clear Lake have?

The resort has a camping area, playground, male and female washrooms, floating dock, and boat launch.

What are the fishing regulations for Clear Lake?

Clear Lake is under zone PP1 in the Alberta Fishing Regulations. Be sure to check the official regulations each year before heading out. Below I have included a link to PP1.

PP1 Fishing Regulations PDF

What fish are in Clear Lake?

Best place to fish from shore

While fishing from shore, I have always had the best luck staying close to the resort area. The rubble breakwater that's beside the dock is perfect for shore fishing and is pretty much the best place to go if you are fishing from shore. Within casting distance of the breakwater, it's around fifteen feet deep (which is considered deep for Clear Lake). You'll find medium-sized pike hanging out in this area, mostly about twenty feet from shore. There's also a lot of boulders all around the breakwater, making it easy to get snagged. For best results, try fishing with a medium diving lure or something with a snag-guard.

map of Clear Lake

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The sand bars

If your boat has a fish finder, you will be able to see shallow sand bars on the north end of Clear Lake. Early mornings are best for hitting the sand bars. Pike are usually hiding in-between the sand bars and are pretty easy to catch. Trolling, with a shallow diving swimbait, works best.

map of Clear Lake

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The hole

Approximately 30 feet from shore is a fishing hole that is around fifteen feet deep. Late afternoons are the best time to fish this area. Once the sun is out, it gets pretty hot, and the pike will usually move into the hole during this time. Tube jigs work exceptionally well in this area. Also, I've had the best results with a 4'' crawfish pattern tube jig.

map of Clear Lake

MapSource:Google Maps

Best fishing hooks for catching pike at clear lake

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