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Article By: Joe Seaborne 2021-02-06

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Unknown to many people, Champion Lakes is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to go fishing in Southern Alberta. The two ponds are positioned about halfway up a hill that’s lush in dense forest and comely scenery. It’s definitely a worthwhile place to check out and highly recommend if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway.

General description
The two ponds are within close proximity to each other and easy to access once you’ve climbed to the top of the trail. The ponds are next to each other, connected only by a small stream that flows from the first into the second pond, making it easy for rainbow trout to travel. The first pond is the biggest and deepest among the two. It's also better for fishing, but that’s a matter of personal opinion. You’ll probably have to try them both out yourself to see which one you prefer!


To get to Champion Lakes you can park your vehicle on the east corner of Range Road 51a and Fisher W Trail. Head north and follow the trail until you come to a sign that says Champion Lakes. Next to it, you will see a steep hiking trail that goes up the hill to Champion Lakes.

Champion Lakes Parking lot Hiking trail that goes up to Champion Lakes. Map source:Google Maps.


Getting to Champion Lakes is difficult because you have to follow a steep hiking trail to the first pond. But once you’re past the hiking part, it’s relatively easy to get around because there are trails all around the entire area.

Is there a boat launch

No. It’s also challenging to get a boat out onto the water unless you’re willing to hike it up the trail. If you’re hell-bent on fishing from a boat, I would recommend a small canoe or inflatable dinghy.

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Best way to fish Champion Lakes

Fly fishing is good at Champion Lakes, especially early in the morning. I like to get there about a half-hour before sunrise, so I can be ready for the morning feed!

Champion Lakes fishing regulations

Champion Lakes is listed under ES1 in the Alberta Fishing Regulations. Always check an updated copy of the official regulations before heading out. Below I’ve included a link to the Alberta Fishing Regulations for ES1.

Alberta Fishing Regulations, ES1

What type of fish are at Champion Lakes?

Champion Lakes are stocked with rainbow trout. Although it's stocked, you will still see numerous big trout mixed in with the smaller guys.

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Best lures for fishing Champion Lakes

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